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Market Statistics - February 2017

(March 03, 2017, posted in Market)

The month of February has seen a turn-around in the multi-month price drops for single-family homes in many areas of the Lower Mainland. Whether it will continue remains to be seen, but anyone that purchased a house here in the last couple of years is probably taking an optimistic sigh of relief.

For Metro Vancouver, February had sales about 8 percent below the 10-year average but with a significa... read more.

Market Statistics - January 2017

(February 05, 2017)

With Punxsutawney Phil predicting 6 more weeks of winter, I hope everyone with a driveway or walkway appreciates how much the snow shoveling is improving their cardiovascular health. 

Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Fire Rooster has begun.

January 2017's real estate market has started with more of a whimper than a bang with sales well below the 10 year average in most areas of the Lower Main... read more.

New Listing: 201-119 22nd Street, North Vancouver

(January 26, 2017)

Market Statistics - December 2016

(January 03, 2017, posted in Market)


Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a happy and harmonious holiday season to end off 2016!

Let's all take a deep breath as one of the most tumultuous years in Metro Vancouver real estate is finally over!
Government intervention (or some would say, meddling) resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits, some cheers, and some jeers from buyers whose deals prior to the implementation date we... read more.

Market Statistics - November 2016

(December 02, 2016, posted in Market)


November sales for single family homes were again below the 10-year average as sellers took the time to adjust to the new reality of patient buyers. The average time on the market for single-family homes has risen by 12 days in the last month. Condos and townhouses continue to sell at a brisk pace and there is a slight increase in the days on the market since last month.

The holiday season should b... read more.